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My Recipe

​Instead of crowing about my "Secret Henna Recipe", I have decided to be transparent about how I make my beautiful Henna Paste. I strongly believe keeping you informed and assured is of utmost importance to me than preventing those "copy cats". I want your Henna experience to be safe and memorable.

Henna powder

​A safe and dark stained Henna begin with sourcing the right kind of henna powder. We source our Henna powder from the top organic henna re seller, the same re seller used by big banner artists. I strongly believe in making your experience with Henna safe and memorable.

The mixure

  1. 100 gm Henna powder

  2. 30 gm mixture of Tree-tea Oil,  Eucalyptus Oil

  3. 30 gm sugar

  4. lemon juice drizzle

  5. purified water 

Stir this paste and store it in freezer. Bring it back to room temperature before filling up Henna Cones

Handling Henna

Make cone from ....sheet. Pour Henna paste at room temperature.  Feel free to store henna filled cones in freezer section for a few weeks and bring them back to room temperature naturally before use

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